Black owned fashion brands to love and support now and forever

There are so many conversations about systematic racism happening at the moment following the horrifying death of George Floyd. I know like many of you I have posted messages of solidarity on Instagram but in order to make long lasting changes we need to become allies to black people and be actively showing our support and love to black creatives. There are so many beautiful and talented brands within the fashion industry who are not given the spotlight they deserve.

Some of the following brands I already know and love but some I am now obsessed with I shamefully had never come across before. I wish to use my platform to step up and show love and encourage you to do the same. If there are any I have missed please do let me know

Kemi Telford

The Mie

Kai Collective

Sika Designs

Abiola Olusolo

House of Aama

Jade Swim

Maison Archives

Pyer Moss


Chelsea Bravo New York

Studio One Eight Nine

Lisou London

Mangishi Doll


Earth Toned Collective

Sindiso Khumalo



Aliya Wanek

Daily Paper

Duro Olowu

Fe Noel

Hope for Flowers

Island Tribe



Local European


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