“Take 5” with Yvonne from Kemi Telford

I am so happy to have one of my favourite brands as todays “Take 5” guest, Yvonne from Kemi Telford. Her dresses make me feel fabulous and her designs are stunning. The prints she features are bold and fun and will often give a nod to her Nigerian heritage. I loved reading the about me section of her website and learning that it was when writing her deepest thoughts down in her blog posts on the RealYvonne that she realised her dream was making beautiful clothes for women, I’m so glad she followed it and made it a reality as her dresses make me happy.

Also I wanted to point you in the direction of this Instagram post (click here) as Yvonne’s words are so wise! As an independent brand it sounds like she has learnt through growth and experience and her head is firmly screwed on!

5 tips that have helped you through lockdown

 1 Still being able to work has helped me incredibly. My warehouse is a 20-minute walk from my home so; I use the walk there and back as my opportunity to exercise and think. 

2  Subscribing to MasterClass and learning new business skills has made the lockdown a blessing in disguise. I would not have had the time to do it or even subscribed to it.

3 Watching Netflix  with my husband and kids.

4 Before lockdown, my husband left his old job to start a new one in May. Having him at home made home schooling during lockdown pretty easy for me. It meant I could concentrate on my work and he helped with the kids.

5 Liking my husband and kids made it easy. We love spending time with one another. It is very possible to love people but not like them. I like my family.

5 things you couldn’t live without

1 Mayonnaise and mango chutney

2 Exercise DVDs as I exercise at home even before lockdown

3 My Phone as I run my business on it

4 Afrobeat music; this gives me incredible joy – StarBoy – Blow


5 Hot water bottle. Even in the summer. I need it.

Thank you so much for reading todays “Take 5” with lovely Yvonne. I will leave you with an image of how her dresses make me feel!

Follow Yvonne on Instagram @kemitelford and check out her store



  1. Maureen
    June 1, 2020 / 11:56 pm

    Fab ! Ordered a few dresses and bits, look lovely x

    • stylemum
      June 2, 2020 / 8:52 am

      You’ll soon be hooked like me! So lovely to own something that makes you happy and isn’t mass produced!

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