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A topic that I am yet to cover on the blog but get asked about a lot is boys fashion. Where I shop for my kids and ideas when dressing boys. It is a struggle when they hit secondary school as they just want to follow the trends, I can completely sympathise with them and really want them to make their own fashion mistakes, if they didn’t then we wouldn’t have those funny photos to laugh about in the future! I love looking back and having a giggle at some of the things I argued with my mum over, begging her to let me wear them….what was I thinking!!


If my two could dress themselves they would permanently be in Supreme, Palace, Bape and any of those cool expensive skate style brands. We do treat them every now and then but sometimes smart clothes are needed even if they don’t want to. Here are a few things I am loving right now for my boys..

First up is this fab Zara collar piece with Popeye and King. It’s a super cool reversible bomber jacket, we bought it and it feels so luxe it could pass as Gucci. Also two jackets in one is a winner, if they get grubby on a day out just turn it inside out!

I have ordered this tee for my two £9.99
and this one! £9.99

A couple of stores that my two always love is Nike which currently has 30% off site wide with code NIKE30 and also a store in Soho called END. which stocks cool new brands and some well know designers, my husband loves it there to! I hope this has helped give a little boys fashion inspiration.

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