“Take 5” with Kelly Marks

Today’s “Take 5” is with a woman who has been such an inspiration and help throughout my blogging journey, her advice is always so valuable and she really does know her stuff. Kelly Marks is the co founder of the beauty PR agency Pure PR and I am also very lucky to call her my friend.

5 tips that have helped you through lockdown

Mind, food, beauty, movement and work! 

Mind : I aim for a positive mindset; and recognise the horror of what we are living through but also very much recognising the positives in it too. 

My mum always used to quote 

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” I feel this is more relevant than ever right now. And I hold this close. 


I am loving fresh food deliveries to back up my Ocado orders from The Estate Dairy and First Choice Produce. Also I love playing a game of making something out of whatever is left in the fridge and am quite pleased with the results. Always sure to display it nicely on my new Burleigh x Ralph Lauren platter.  Also Monday evening baking sessions with @buildingfeasts are keeping us in tasty treats. 

Beauty : I am spending way longer on my skincare and reaping the rewards. Using @GoldfadenMD doctor scrub twice a week and a chemical peel twice a week too.  Either Kate Somerville exfolikate or @MalinandGoetz Resurfacing Face Serum which I’ve been lucky enough to test  pre launch. 

I’m being sure to body brush, body scrub and moisture most days and using @AustralianGlow Gradual Tan as it’s a body moisturiser with a tanning agent. No one needs to see my milk bottle white legs! 

I’ve also found that I’ve put make up on almost every single day. Whilst I’m a no make up make up kind of girl (woman) it really helps me feel ready for each day. Even if I’m wearing my trakkie Bs. I’m currently using vegan and cruelty free @elfcosmeticsuk foundation in sand just in the areas where I have some redness, and RMS concealer and the elf mono chromatic stick on my eyes and cheeks. I’ve just treated myself to the Chanel Les beiges bronzing cream (everyone has been raving about it and I was well and truly influenced) and I’m loving that as well as the @PerriconeMD_uk mascara which I’ve fallen back in love with. No clumps and it stays in place all day. Honestly I’ve spend fortunes over the years on mascaras and the colour just slides off my lashes. With this one it stays all day and has lash conditioning properties too. 


I’ve tried a whole bunch of online workouts from content on Sweaty Betty to the amazing Lauren Roxburgh, training on zoom with my super teacher @nancydseal and going for walks and bike rides when I find the time and the inclination. These two elements don’t always coincide. 


I run @pureprlondon with my business partner @pureprcara. We are working harder at this time than I think we ever have. Working from home was never something we favoured but we have be blown away with how hard our team are working and coming together to get great results. We meet daily on zoom , talk to our clients all around the world and are catching up with our media contacts constantly. I had a week of meetings in Los Angeles scheduled during mid April and managed to do them all over video call. 

Some of our results are the best they’ve ever been. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of being thrown this curve ball and am so happy when our clients commend us for the way we have handled it and stayed ahead of the game. Before lockdown we created a lot of content for our social channels and had a plan in place to support all our clients. We revise these plans regularly and feel confident that we are delivering a great service. We also have a thriving digital design arm to the business and have been creating some amazing creative content for people and brands eg Lisa Potter Dixon, Caroline Hirons, Saie Beauty and some others I can’t reveal yet . Work keeps me hugely busy from 8am-7pm most weekdays. I’ve not had a chance to be bored. 

5 things you just can’t live without

Honestly this couldn’t be simpler. The most wonderful thing to come out of all of this is recognising what really matters. 

Family (100% honesty and dependability) 

Friends (fun, relief, release, laughs and sharing memories)

Fresh air (nothing more precious and uplifting) 

Good Health (we all recognise this should be number one, right?) 

Belief (in something greater, in humankind, in goodness, and in a better future for us all) 



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