“Take 5” with Really Ree

This nutty lady is not only one of my favourite humans who always manages to put a smile on my face and make me giggle but is also the queen of beauty and skincare. She is also the reason I had a hangover this morning after a video chat until 1am drinking a ton of wine!! Sunday’s “Take 5” is the fabulous @reallyree

Ree is the most knowledgable person I know when it comes to skincare and beauty, I call her regularly and ask for her recommendations and use her blog as my directory for any new products I’m thinking of trying. If you ever need to know anything about a product of ingredient check out www.reallyree.com or message Ree on Instagram @realyree She has stopped many of my impulse purchases and has guided me to what would suit my needs exactly…… and she’s never been wrong!!

Sunday is the day that I usually spend longer on my skincare regime so I’m excited to read Ree’s “Take 5” and see if there are any products she can’t live without that I need to add to my beauty cabinet

5 tips that have helped you through lockdown

  1. Archie – I love my fluffy doggy so much it hurts. He is always happy and makes me feel like I am Beyoncé to him. He is all I need to feel good.
  2. The Blog – I am so lucky that I love my job so much and I have really thrown myself into writing and getting everything up to date. Readers are super engaged, and I feel like I am actually doing something useful.
  3. Virtual Pilates & my old exercise bike – I never thought I would say this, but I have really been loving moving. I don’t think I appreciated how much moving around improves how I feel until a couple of weeks ago when my legs felt so heavy and just like I’d been on a long-haul flight! Now I am exercising most days, and everything feels a lot better!
  4. Feeling no guilt – one of the first things I did when we went into lockdown was to ban guilt from my life. I decided not to feel bad if I ate badly, or drank wine, or didn’t work out. Guilt is such an unproductive emotion. So, I let myself do whatever I wanted and now I have come to my own decision to be a bit healthier. 
  5. My family – this is a bit predictable, but I am so lucky to have the people I love the most living with me. My mum has Alzheimer’s but is living her best life here doing her daily seniors workout videos and keeping smiling. I have a wonderfully supportive partner who will do literally anything to make me happy, and even my teenage son is being a joy (for the most part!!).

5 things you just can’t live without

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away concealer – it conceals, brightens and hydrates – my face looks better in seconds when I use it. (currently 10% off at Harvey Nichols with code 520HNTREAT

Zoom – I love seeing people and chatting to people. So, zoom and facetime (especially with Pascale) are giving me life! Ree currently hosts a fab youtube series called Whine with Ree

Kerastase Elixir Ultime – I am overdue a haircut by about 100 million years, but this iconic oil always managed to make my split ends look like they aren’t quite so split.

Summer Fridays Lip Balm – I hate dry lips but being indoors and not moving too much really affects my lips. So, this makes sure they always look and feel juicy.

My Corksicle bottles – the amount of water I drink directly affects how good I feel. So, I make sure I always have a water bottle with me and often use the ReHydrate & Spectramin supplements that I get from Marie Reynolds London mixed into my water to make sure it’s really doing its job.

Go and give Ree a follow on Instagram @reallyree read her very informative blog www.reallyree.com and go and enjoy her youtube channel ReallyRee



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