“Take 5” with Nicole Hains – Photography

Todays “Take 5” is a little later than usual because of a bird nest problem (see my Instagram) We have some new member of the quarantine household!!

Today’s guest is my gorgeous friend and photographer Nicole Hains. We met a few years ago when Nicole took my photo at Royal Ascot and we just clicked and have been friends ever since. Nicole is fantastic at what she does and is my go to for shoots, she knows exactly what I’m after and it is always easy and fun to work together. When not on lockdown or shooting clients Nicole can be found at Liberty London busy working on editorials. 

5 Things that have helped you through lockdown

  1. Scheduling – but not being cruel with it. I like to have a rough routine scoped out, I exercise in the morning, then work on my business until the afternoon where I then have time to be creative, whether that’s paint, bake etc.
  2. Exercise -Instagram live workouts, I am loving Define London. 
  3. Baking –Do I need to explain why I do this?! 
  4. Baths –My happy place, pour in the oils, Epsom salts and chill. 
  5. Things to look forward to –I always have video calls scheduled in on Wednesday & Friday evenings with friends, it makes me incredibly happy to see them and helps me remember what day of the week it is.

5 Lockdown Photography Tips

  1. The lighting is hands down the most important part to any photograph. Most of the time you want to be working with a soft, flat, even light and therefore overcast days are your friends! An overcast day will give you lots of angle options outside and when inside you want the window behind the camera with the light facing the subject you are shooting.
  2. Having said that, I am going to completely contradict myself now… There is one exception to the lighting rule above. On an extremely sunny day when the light is strong, I love shooting into low strong light for creative effect – You can see some examples of this at the end of this interview.
  3. Planning ahead, look for inspiration and create a moodboard, it helps focus your end result and allows you to plan any locations or props you may need.
  4. It sounds silly but look through the lens or screen at what you are taking a photo of before you take it. The camera lens can be deceptive. What Looks normal to the eye can look overcrowded when framed in a photograph.
  5. Editing your images is so important, you don’t have to have photoshop or expensive software you can use a phone app (I like VSCO) you can make a go to recipe and it will help keep your images in form and give you a style.

5 Things you can’t live without right now

1 My skincare stash, I am obsessed and home facials are keeping me going. My favourite product changes by the week but at the moment I am loving my Rodial Vit C glow tonic.

2 GIN!!

3 Shoes… I have a trainer obsession. My favourite pair have to be my Golden Goose though (they have that sneaky extra height booster built inside and are so comfy!)

4 Decent gym clothes. My wardrobe is mainly Sweaty Betty, I actually love it all so couldn’t pick a favourite but their leggings and sports bra’s are exceptional. 20% off on Sweaty Betty site with SBSTYLEMUM20

5 My camera… for obvious reasons – Cannon 5d mark IV

Nicole is currently shooting content for brands that are donating their proceeds to charitable causes and not charging a fee for her work. If this is something you are after right now please contact Nicole www.nicolehains.com/free-services

Here is some of the content I have shot with Nicole over the years and also some of her other work.


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