“Take 5” with Laura Wills – @thefashionbugblog

Who else would I pick to be my “Take 5” guest on a Friday but my favourite #dressupfriday girl Laura @thefashionbugblog

Laura is the super stylish mama to three gorgeous little girls, her Instagram is total goals and her wardrobe is to die for! If you don’t follow @thefashionbugblog where have you been?! I always love Laura’s effortless way of combining high end pieces with great highstreet finds, I can’t wait to read her “Take 5”

5 Tips that have helped you through lockdown

1. Do something for yourself each day. However big or small – an exercise class, putting your makeup on, meditating (I love the the app Calm!) etc – it can really boost your mood! 
2. Make the most of the time and stay positive. I know it’s a difficult time for many with the uncertainty of the future but I am cherishing the endless time with my girls – they grow so fast. 
3. Do something for someone you care about! We have been writing letters to the girls grandparents because we all miss each other terribly – it’s such a small gesture but one that has a huge impact. 
4. Cooking! Haha I never thought I would say that as I was so not passionate about it before but I love coming up with new recipes and making everything from scratch. 
5. Don’t be too hard on yourself! We are all trying to do so many roles at the moment – my girls are so little so I don’t need to homeschool them yet but I’m sure everyone feels pressure. So be kind to yourself.

5 Things you can’t be without

  1. Cosy cashmere. I am living in sweatpants of some variety most days.  (Laura has recently collaborated on a cashmere collection with Lucy Nagle )

2. Flower deliveries. I’ve always loved flowers but they have become even more important now. I also get some from one of my local shops and it’s the highlight of my week. 

3.  Davines Hair mask. I had hair extensions for 1.5 years and at the beginning of lockdown had to take them all out as they had almost grown out. I bought this hair mask and it is AMAZING my hair has never felt healthier. 

4. Music!!! We all dance together at home that always puts me in a good mood.

5.  My hourglass highlighter – on tired days it gives my skin such a boost.

Go and follow Laura on Instagram @thefashionbugblog to keep up with all her style posts and fashion tips along with great collaborations including Soru Jewellery

Laura also recently raised over £20,000 for the NHS through her Instagram account together with a host of fabulous brands, if you would still like to donate click here


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