“Take 5” with Adeola Gboyega

pat m”Take 5″ with Adeola Gboyega another beauty expert that I have admired for years who’s career I have followed from pro artist with Bobbi Brown to UK Education and artistry manager with the inimitable Pat McGrath.

She has been my go to girl for beauty advice since we met in 2015 when Adeola did my make up on the Bobbi Brown counter in Selfridges for a charity ball I was attending, I’ve been obsessed ever since! You only need to look at her flawless completion to know that she knows her stuff! Not only is Adeola at the top of her game she is also the loveliest girl to boot. I have loved reading her bravely honest answers to my “Take 5”

5 Tips that have helped you through lockdown

  1. Therapy, I started to go to therapy not long before the lockdown and it was so helpful for me to have someone to talk to in a safe space. I’ve continued the routine with phone calls with my therapist every 2 weeks. I think that now more than ever talking to someone about how your feeling is so important for your mental health. 
  2. Exercise, before the lock down working out wasn’t a priority for me as I was so busy, and it made me feel bad. I did sign up to the gym just before we went into lock down but haven’t been able to go for obvious reasons, so scheduling a run every morning or some form of physical exercise has done wonders for me. I also signed up to an amazing Instagram class online with @wozldn @shredwithwoz which I really enjoy. https://www.instagram.com/shredwithwoz/?hl=en  https://www.instagram.com/wozldn/?hl=en
  3. Virtual catch ups with friends and family have been such a blessing as lockdown can leave you feeling quite isolated. A lot of my family live abroad, so we have a weekly zoom quiz night which is so much fun and I always look forward to it every Tuesday night.
  4. Taking time out to pamper myself, I always allocate a bit of ‘me time’ to help myself feel better after a busy day. It can be anything from treating myself to a DIY facial, watching my favourite beauty videos on YouTube or reading a great book. 
  5. Daily positive affirmations are a great way to improve how we think and feel about ourselves. Our thoughts can have a powerful impact on our self-esteem and actions. So, every day I start my day by saying positive statements to myself such as “I will be the best I can be” or “I am grateful for this day” to help boost my mood. I even wrote about the benefits of this here if you want to read more https://www.refinery29.com/en-gb/positive-affirmations-confidence-work

5 things you couldn’t be without

  1.  A good book to help transform my way of thinking. I’m currently reading ‘The Gifts of imperfection’ by Brené Brown which talks about the courage of tackling difficult emotions to lead a fuller and enriched life. Such a good read! 

2. My LightStim was kindly gifted to me and I am obsessed with it. I miss having my monthly facial treatments so I’m trying to recreate the results at home. This device uses red light therapy to visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. With regular use you get radiant healthy-looking skin and it has really helped my skin.

3. Online shopping at Zara, I’m obsessed with this High-street brand and miss regularly going into store to have a look at the latest fashion. So thankfully I can still shop online and get a real buzz when my order comes through the post. I recently got these dupes for the Chanel two tone pumps and I’m in love!

4. If there is one thing that everyone will agree on during the lockdown is the insatiable need to snack. I too have succumbed to this but I’m lucky that my go to snack is somewhat healthy (even if I do eat the whole bag in one sitting) I love these and they are a firm favourite on my weekly shopping list, Eatreal Lentil Chips

5. My skin and lips in particular have become so dry during the lock down, so I need the constant hydration. This is probably the fanciest lip balm you will ever see but it works so well. It comes in clear and a variety of   natural colours which are great for that last minute Zoom call with your boss – Pat McGrath Labs, Lips Fetish Lip Balm

Go and follow Adeola on Instagram @adeolagboyega for great make up tips and to keep up to date on the live virtual events she has been involved with, not to be missed!

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