“Take 5” with Giles Farnham

“Take 5” is back and we are kicking off the new week with a good friend of mine, super stylish male guest Giles Farnham. Giles is the head of the style studios and VIP relations for River Island and he is also the lead singer of his band The Vibrants who recently got back together. Can’t wait to see them play when all this its over!!

I have loved following Giles on Instagram over lockdown, his daily dance routines featuring his gorgeous wife Sarah and their two children Marlowe and Phoenix really do cheer up my day and make me smile. I think we should all join in and spread the joy! Also there is a hell of a lot of tie dye action and some funky shirts that need to be seen!

5 Tips that have helped you through lockdown

  1. Dancing has been my absolute saviour through lockdown! It lifts my energy and is great for getting the kids knackered at the end of the day – #dancingwiththefarnhams
  2. I love to cook and what has been amazing is eating together as a family at a decent time. No rushing to cook something, now there is time to plan and make it super healthy.
  3. Podcasts are an essential for lockdown, they give your mind a chance to escape! I recently listened to Fearne Cottons Happy Place conversation with Ricky Gervais which was just brilliant. 
  4. Running has become a sanctuary of peace away from the kids. I’m not a great runner but it gets my blood pumping (just like the dancing) 
  5. Houseparty calls have been a brilliant source of laughter. As I have jumped in to many unlocked chat rooms, seeing people’s reactions has been so so funny. Laughing through this is the only thing that will keep you smiling! 

5 Things you couldn’t be without right now

  1. Every morning I have a new regime in the bathroom using my new Kennedy and co products. The eye cream keeps the dad bags away. Seriously the products have changed my bloody life. 

2. Netflix is something you now can’t live without and for me it’s essential! Tiger king of course! And now I’m now on the 2nd series of After Life by Ricky Gervais which takes you on a wonderful journey of emotions.

3.  I drink so much herbal tea these days and i’m not sure I could get through a day without it. It really helps cleanse mind and body. One I can’t get enough of is called Peace

4. I’m becoming quite the barista at home. I mean I’m the only one that drinks coffee in my house but it’s definitely needed in this pandemic!

5. Music is needed as it can help so much with my mood and how I want to feel at a particular time. I have started to pick up my guitar more which has been good for me.

Go and give Giles a follow on Instagram @gilesf and lets get #dancingwiththefarnhams trending!!

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