Online workouts that have helped me through lockdown

I always used to find excuses to not exercise, being too busy being one of them! If one positive has come out of lockdown for me it has been having the time to find and reconnect with exercise. I have also really mixed up my workouts and found some classes that I love and will definitely try out in real life when this is over.

Not online but running has been a saviour to me mentally during this time, it’s my me time…just kids and no dog!! I used to be a keen runner but felt like my marathon days were over. I stopped for too long which meant I couldn’t run a mile comfortably so just didn’t even try. Since lockdown I started again gently but regularly, slowly building up my distance and pace…..after a month of this I’m back and it feels so so good, I even beat my PB for a 5k!! This is such a mad time for everyone and I really find getting out for my run (or even a walk) on my own is so helpful for my mind.

I have received a lot of DMs asking me which classes I have been doing so I thought I would make a list here….

Ellya Sam – Head trainer at Blok London, Ellya’s classes have introduced me to Barre and I am now obsessed!! She hosts daily live Instagram classes from her kitchen which are challenging and will make you sweat! She has such an amazing energy, I would highly recommend giving a class a try. The classes are free but if you can afford to make a donation, Ellya would be thrilled 🙂

Sevenoaks Box Fit – This is a local club to me and also where I train with my fabulous PT @swedishptgirl They are running daily virtual zoom classes (3x daily during the week and also a class on Saturday and Sunday) You can pay per class which is £5 or register for a membership. Not only do you get a fun, sweaty and energetic workout but you are also supporting an independent business. I love this as you can all see each other and it gives you the feeling of being in a class environment….also no slacking as the trainer can see what you’re up to! My kids love joining in these classes with me to. They also have a senior class which is less impact, great to get people moving at home and get a little interaction with others. @sevenoaks_box_fit

Fiit App – This was the first bit of exercise I got into when lockdown started and it really helped me find a routine. You get the first 2 weeks free and then it’s just £20 per month for a subscription after that which I think is worth it. There are hundreds of classes to choose from, I usually go for a cardio workout for 25 minutes followed by a pilates class for 25 minutes. You can see you how many classes you have completed over time which gives you a little push. There are also some fab trainers on there, my fave being my friend Adrienne!

Anna Johnson – I met Anna through Instagram and have been joining her live classes for a couple of weeks now, she is fab and funny!! At the moment she is teaching from her living room but she usually teaches at the beautiful Beaverbrook and I’d love to join her there when this is all over. Her Sunday morning 10am class makes me get out of bed and get moving, hard on the abs to!! Friday nights are particularly fun when Anna host her House music pilates class (prosecco is encouraged! ha) I also love that her pup makes an appearance at the end of the classes as I am usually being jumped on by Ziggy throughout my workout!

Tracy Anderson – This woman is incredible, I got into her workouts around 10 years ago when I was trying to tone up for my wedding and my god did it work!! I am completely uncoordinated so I did not attempt her dance cardio workouts but I love everything else. If you want lean toned arms and help banishing bingo wings there is nothing better than her arm workout which is solely using just your bodyweight. I do this everyday and it’s only 8 minutes long (harder than you think it’s going to be!!!) Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of this to!! Her glutes and abs mat workout is also a favourite of mine but one of the hardest classes I do! Find her workouts free on YouTube

YouTube – This has allowed me to mix things up and find different classes when I fancy a change. Here are a few I love….

and finally a few that I have been recommended but am yet to try….

  • Fly Ldn – Barre and Yoga, they are offering free classes on instagram
  • Orange Theory Fitness – Offering free online classes
  • Move Your Frame – I have been to a class at their studio in real life so will definitely give their workouts a try, they are offering classes on their website for a £10.99 monthly subscription
  • KOBOX – I have wanted to go for ages and after lockdown I definitely will!! They are posting Instagram live free workouts usually at 10am
  • Psycle – I have been recommended this one by a friend who swears by their Instagram live classes, I think this will be my next class!

There are a few there to get you all started or to add to your workout routine to mix things up. Let me know which ones you like the best and also if there are any others that you would recommend that I have missed.




  1. Maureen
    May 5, 2020 / 9:28 am

    Fab info and details, thank you will follow up son of these much needed fitness classes you have kindly posted.

    • stylemum
      May 5, 2020 / 11:11 am

      Absolute pleasure, hope you enjoy them 🙂 x

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