“Take 5” with Rosie Fortescue

I am so so happy to have the lovely Rosie Fortescue as a guest on today’s “Take 5” she is the sweetest soul who shares a love of sunny Venice Beach and Sausage Dogs with me. She is now the fully adoptive aunty of Ziggy!!

Rosie launched her successful Jewellery business after finishing her degree studying History of Art at Goldsmiths. Jewellery has always been her passion and she has followed her dream with her beautiful collections of fun and playful jewels. Her rainbow pieces and heartbeat hand cuffs have become cult must haves!

I remember meeting Rosie a few years back during my time working with the London Fashion Week Festival and I will always remember being blown away with how hard she worked. Her business is thriving because of the genuine love and passion that she pours into it.

Rosie’s 5 things that have got her through lockdown

1.During lockdown I have tried my best to stick to a routine. Getting up at 7am and yes sometimes working from bed for an hour or so but no lie ins!

2. Exercising from home – I have been using lots of online classes and live classes and also Megan Roup’s The Sculpt Society app which I love!

3. Generally trying to stay healthy during the week and drinking lots of water. Eating fresh food (when I can get it) and enjoying cooking. 

4. Treating myself – drinks on the weekend with friends on face time and indulging! Baking cookies and my favourite spaghetti vongole! 

5. Starting something that I have always wanted to do – I wanted to try and online course to keep my brain engaged as much as possible. I am doing Yale’s course The Science of Well-Being which I love. However I am actually swamped with work and Rosie Fortescue Jewellery orders which is a total blessing but I have slacked a bit on my course. Going to make sure I set aside a few hours for it this week! It’s also important not to feel guilty about slacking, or over indulging or anything really at this time! 

5 Things Rosie cannot be without

  1. I couldn’t live without my face routine and caring for my skin. My number 1 night time product is Emma Hardie’s Morning Cleansing Balm which is just the best hot cloth cleanser I have ever used. 

2. I am obsessed with all SkinCeuticals products. C E Ferulic, B5 always in the morning!

3. Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lip liner

4. Doughlicious gluten free cookies

5. My jewellery brand – Rosie Fortescue Jewellery I absolutely live and breathe it and so beyond grateful to still be running the business during this time as it’s keeping me sane to have a routine!

Rosie is still working hard during lock down getting all her orders safely packaged and sent out. If you are looking for a treat to cheer up the long days at home or it’s there is a birthday coming up, check out Rosie Fortescue Jewellery, you’ll love everything and you will also be supporting a fab independent brand.

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  1. Rahdee
    May 2, 2020 / 5:15 am

    What brand is the dress she’s wearing in the first pic? LOVE it! X

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