“Take 5” with Ashley James

Grab a cuppa or a glass of wine and enjoy tonight’s “Take 5” with the lovely Ashley James, TV presenter, DJ and all round good egg! I absolutely love following Ashley on instgram her posts are honest, real, empowering and always make me smile. If you don’t already follow her I recommend that you do so right away @ashleylouisejames I loved putting these questions to Ashley as I knew she would come back with some really great responses…

5 tips that have got you through lockdown:

  1. Everytime my brain starts to worry, I stop myself and think of 5 things I’m grateful for.
  2. Limit your news intake. Theres a lot of heresy and rumours floating around. I only watch the live broadcast at 5pm and don’t even watch it every evening.
  3. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have the “perfect” lockdown. It’s ok to have days where you don’t feel productive. It’s ok if you can’t be bothered to exercise. We all have ways we need to cope and recharge.
  4. Times are very different now to a few months ago. Don’t follow anyone online who makes you feel bad, jealous, or unhappy. You’re allowed to mute and unfollow people, and also find new and positive influences.
  5. Organise date nights with your friends. I’ve been really enjoying getting drunk on zoom with my girlfriends. Plus the crawl to bed is a lot shorter than in normal life!

5 things you couldn’t be without

  1. My Dyson Airwrap – It’s pricey but this tool has completely transformed my ability to do my hair. As in, I can actually do my hair as opposed to not at all. It’s helped me feel good in the absence of a hairdresser

2. My Elizabeth Arden eight hour lip balm – Not specific to lockdown but this is the best product I’ve ever come across for lips, I’ve got this things about having dry lips. I can’t bear it.

3. Nouveau Lashes conditioner – Going out less has meant less makeup, which has given me the time to do a bit of TLC. I’ve been brushing my lashes and brows with their conditioner every morning and night and I swear my lashes are longer and healthier.

4. Berghoff BBQ – This was a bit of a luxury lockdown purchase, but I was chuffed because it’s a lot cheaper than the Egg that I’ve been dreaming of for years. It’s been amazing to be able to enjoy a barbecue in the sunshine on my tiny little patio.

5. Scrabble board – It’s nothing fancy, but my sister sent me her old Scrabble board, and I’ve really enjoyed playing it. It’s a nice change from watching TV and I usually win and I’ll take those kind of victories to boost my mood during lockdown.

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