“Take 5” with Ryan Steedman – Hair

Welcome to my new blog series “Take 5 which I thought may add a little light entertainment during lockdown and also teach us a few much needed tips!

I often get messages about my hair, especially the colour and I am beyond grateful that I have the super talented Ryan Steedman who is the artistic director at the Adam Reed Salon in Spitlefields to thank. I am also super thankful that I managed to squeeze an appointment in just before lockdown started so my roots are currently still under control.

I have been pretty basic with my hair over the last few weeks, giving it a rest and letting it air dry but I think I may be up for styling it this weekend so I can put some of these tips to use.

I trust Ryan implicitly with my hair, he really knows his stuff and I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to find an amazing colourist. Last year I had a bad experience (at another salon) and it ruined my hair, poor Ryan had his work cut out transforming me back to the ashy blonde he knows I love. He also has worked on a long list of fashion and TV clients including the Chanel Couture Show and the X Factor. Go and give him a follow on Instagram @ryansteedmanhair

Ryan’s 5 tips for lockdown hair:

  1. Coat your hair in conditioning mask or oils and then wear it in a slick bun to keep it super hydrated.
  2. Start braiding your hair wet or damp and then leave it overnight to dry and you will wake up with a beautiful undone texture.
  3. Play around with curling your hair, curls give volume, make you feel glam and distract from your roots!
  4. Find any old material or fabric in your house and braid it into your hair, this will give your colour a boost and brighten up your hair.
  5. Get used to your new roots coming in, a drag root has been a trend for years! Also with a big root your hairdresser is going to have a lot more to play with to change your colour….embrace it!!

Ryan’s 5 products to get you through lockdown:

  1. L’oreal Mythic Oil – to keep your hair super healthy and hydrated.

2. Kerastase purple shampoo “Bain Ultra Violet” – to keep unwanted brassy tones away.

3. Series Expert Absolute Repair Mask – A hydrating mask to keep your hair super strong and healthy.

4. A Root touch up spray I have linked Loreal Paris Magic Retouch – If you are unsure on the colour match always go darker than you think

5. Texture sprays, Loreal Beach Waves or Hair by Sam McKnight in ‘Cool Girl’ – It will give you that effort texture for all those zoom meetings!

Here are some of the looks Ryan has worked his magic on me over the years

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