Tel Aviv with Alembika

The hubby and I were recently invited on a press trip to Tel Aviv to spend a few days getting to know famous Israeli fashion brand Alembika. Not only was the city mind blowingly beautiful, buzzing and cultural but the brand itself blew me away. If ever a collection was my style this was it, floaty dress after floaty dress, I struggled to pick my favourite piece but definitely had fun trying!

The three days were spent with the loveliest group of women from around the world, uber chic Anna from Munich (@annaaborisovna) and the super stylish duo from New York Jean and Valerie (@idiosyncraticfashionistas) we had an absolute blast and along with the wonderful Gili and the Alembika team it was a trip I will never forget.

On our first day we had the chance to meet the brands designer and co owner Hagar Alembik, she is the most creative woman with a passion that radiates from her heart. We got to listen to her story of how she created the brand back in 2005 and grew it into the successful business it is today with 18 stores in Israel and stockists all over the globe. She has also amazingly managed to keep it’s authenticity as an in house independent brand. Each piece is not only just designed in the studio but all the collection is then manufactured there by their skilled team and shipped out to stockists in every country. They also make sure that the materials and processes used are sustainable which is an important element in a world full of fast fashion.

The group we were in completely embodied what the brand is all about, we were all different ages and sizes yet Alembika was perfect for us all. Hagar has set out to create a brand which makes women feel confident and I feel she has done exactly that.

We popped into Tel Aviv’s flagship Alembika store and selected items which we would wear during a street style shoot later in the week. The boutique staff clearly adore their job, they helped us with sheer excitement. If you are planning a trip you must add this to your itinerary and stock up on dresses!

You cannot go to Tel Aviv without visiting a market, lovely Gili took us for lunch near Shuk Ha Carmel, it was so vibrant and full of amazing fresh produce. We stopped for lunch at an incredible local restaurant but we totally over ordered…..

The final activity of the day, a street art tour! It was a total treat and something hubby and I were desperate to do while here, our guide from Talking Art Tel Aviv was so knowledgeable and had so much experience and also had personal friendships with some of the local artists. If you are into street art your mind will be blown with the amount of work in the area, the streets are like a sketch pad

We had time to have a quick change and then headed for dinner at the most beautiful spot, I would definitely recommend this place, the food and service were exceptional – Dallal which is located in the historic neighborhood of Neve Tzedek

A night cap is always needed of course so the evening was finished in a super edgy and trendy bar called Teder, I would go back here but maybe a tad more casual than I was this evening. We were taken here by a stunning model/blogger called Ray (@raysegev) who worked a lot with the brand, she is a local and knew all the cool spots

Our schedule was jam packed so with a frosty head we headed off in the morning to watch the Alembika Spring Sumer 2020 presentation which was held in a stunning building in the old city of Jaffa. This was a also a chance for us to meet the agents from all over the world, I am now in contact with the UK so will update you all once I have a full list of boutiques that stock the brand over here.

I loved the colourful summer collection, one of the dresses I chose to wear was such a beautiful print, I had so many compliments on it that day. Israel is extremely hot in the summer months so the fabrics used have this in mind, cottons and linens were a big feature.

As well as the Alembika line, Hagar also designs a collection called Black is Black, as the name states this collection is not so colourful but very wearable and classic, the perfect wardrobe staples.

Dinner was another total pinch me moment with the whole team in the Caesarea National Park at sunset, the views of this magnificent historical site which sits over looking the Mediterranean Sea was the perfect final meal with a group of people I will call friends forever.

Our last morning before heading home was a street style photoshoot with a fantastic local photographer Meirco – It was such a fun experience but it was soooo hot, I may have melted a little bit, the poor photographer had his work cut out with me! The other thing I forgot to mention is that I was nursing a rather swollen ankle as I had a skateboarding accident the day before we went away, I struggled through and even wore wedges…..when I got back to the UK and got it checked over I found out my ankle was in fact broken… professional haha

Where to stay

We stayed in a hotel on the beach called The Dan Panorama, it was lovely, a great location and had a swimming pool but if I visited again I would go for one of the many luxury boutique hotels that Tel Aviv has to offer, here are my recommendations:

The Norman
Lighthouse by Brown Hotels
The Vera
White Villa
Fabric Hotel
The Drisco
Brown Beach House

Where to Eat and drink

The first night we arrived in Tel Aviv we had a free evening and these are the places we tried and loved! I would definitely go back here when I return..

Banana Beach – we sat and watched the sunset here with our toes in the sand and an Aperol spritz in hand

Santa Katarina – This was the best food we had while in Israel, traditional meets Italian vibes. We were recommended this place and it didn’t disappoint

Port Sa’id – This is the sister bar of Teder which I mentioned earlier. It has a real European feel and reminded me of being in Barcelona

The other tips I will give are just to definitely add Tel Aviv to your list of city breaks. It is such a safe city, much safer than others like Paris, Madrid, Barcelona. It is also great for kids, they love children and most restaurants cater for little ones. Do not go in high summer, if you were to visit in August I am positive that you would melt!
Try and find the time to visit Jerusalem, we didn’t get a chance on this trip so it is our excuse to come back, I have heard that it is one of those places that leaves its mark on your soul.

This post was written following a press trip with Alembika – The trip was gifted but no money was exchanged.


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  1. July 7, 2019 / 9:15 pm

    I’m so happy Gili invited me to come join you during the trip, so I had the opportunity to meet you gorgeous gorgeous woman. I loved reading about your tel Aviv adventure and I hope I’ll see you again soon! Xx

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