Night at the museum

Well what can I say about the night my boys have described as the “best of their lives”!




We spent the most amazing night in the iconic Natural History Museum for the monthly sleep over named Dino Snores, it was absolutely magical and I am not sure who was more in awe and excited the kids or us! We were very lucky to be invited by Airbnb for a special night at their jungle base camp. Although we were privileged to have experienced the night in such a brilliant way I would without a doubt be happy to book and stay as a general guest again in the future, you will not regret it. We are considering going again with friends as it was just such a special night. Also when you purchase your tickets you will be entered into a draw to win a place at the Airbnb camp.



The evening started with a tour of our camp by Captain John Fishing who the boys warmed to immediately, he knew his stuff, was happy to answer questions and never broke character. The camp was on a balcony overlooking the grand Hintze Hall and the new feature Hope the Blue Whale, we were sad to hear that the Diplodocus had gone on tour but Hope is so impressive and huge, I just couldn’t stop staring at it and must have a million photos on my camera from every angle!




There were around 500 people sleeping  in the museum that evening so to make the activities run smoothly we were split into small groups, our group was called the red T Rex’s which the boys were very pleased about.

Our first activity started at 8pm and was a talk about space and meteorites by the super knowledgable and funny Epi Vaccaro, it was an interactive talk and child participation is encouraged, my two even got their moment on stage!


9pm was supper time which was held in the main cafeteria, you must pack a light picnic dinner but a proper meal before entering the museum is advised as 9pm is a longer wait for little ones. Although you must bring your own food water, tea and coffee is provided.

Two more activities followed dino T shirt design and then the best one according to my two, the torch lit quiz through the dinosaur exhibition! Seeing the moving t rex roar with only a flashlight was a little creepy even for me!!




We headed back to camp where we got into our pjs and snuggled up in bed ready for lights out at midnight. This was such a strange experience and one I will remember forever, one tip I will give you if you book is to bring ear plugs! With 500 people sleeping in one large space there are bound to be some snorers, you may even confuse them with dinosaurs!!

You are woken at 7am to eat breakfast which is also included in the ticket price and is served in the cafeteria again, unless you are in the Airbnb camp where you will eat around the (fake) fire!

The final activity is from the live animal man which finishes the experience as everything needs to be wrapped up ready for the museum to open to visitors at 9.30am

The sleepovers happen on a monthly basis and all information can be found here

Children must be aged between 7 and 11 to attend.

Other tips….

  • Bring a comfy pillow and sleeping bag if you’re not in the Airbnb camp as the mats you are given to sleep on are very thin.
  • Only pack a light dinner as no snacks allowed in the sleeping area.
  • Make the kids have a power nap before the event as it is a late night and early wake up.
  • If you bring the car you can park at the Queens Gate entrance(on the street) from  6.30pm to 8.30am for free then pay by phone to top up after for an hour or so.
  • Bring ear plugs
  • Pack slippers for night time toilet trips
  • You are all given an Airbnb goody bag which includes a torch. 





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    Love this! It looks amazing and I hope it's still open when my boys are that little bit older. Thanks for sharing x

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