It’s that time…the hunt for an LBD..

This is something that happens each and every year, a very import item that you seem to keep forever but will always add to again and again, a classic, versatile, a staple wardrobe item…..the little black dress!!! Every woman needs one (or in my case at least 7…ok 10!!!) but every time I find a new one I think I must have it, it’s edgier or more classic than the last! I could wear it to a meeting, a party or even god forbid a funeral! 

Tonight I found the perfect LBD for a party, I just had to buy it as it was soo different, the materials the way it fell…tight at the top and underneath with a netted overlay that falls like a bell…

How amazing is this!!! I must admit I am extremely lucky having a mother who is the owner of the best boutique in our town (sevenoaks) but you have to agree with me here, this is gorgeous?! Watch this space as this will be featured on my Instagram (style_mum) at the next party I will be attending (any invites welcome! …Just kidding) 
Me and the lovely real models in my mums fashion show this evening, a fab evening which will feature in a post very soon once the photos have been sent over to me.

Thanks for reading 
Style-mum x

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