My Christmas list to Santa!!!

I am such a big Christmas geek and cannot wait to put up my decorations, I get sooo excited!! This is the one time of the year…

November beauty haul!

I have had a little spend up in Superdrug and Boots this week as I just can’t help myself, I love trying out new highstreet makeup to…

An early New Years resolution!

I am a little early off the mark with New Years resolutions but I have started mine this week! (yes it is still November!) My theory is…

Stressed out skin!

We have had a stressful few days, moving back home after 3 months at my mothers!! (My poor mum!!) Our house is now shiny and new following…

I’m struggling to decide….

I am in desperate need of a new handbag this season, not a designer investment but a highstreet everyday shopper….although I must admit that the Chanel Boy…

Ebay win!

Woohoo!! I am usually the unluckiest person when it comes to bidding for things on ebay but I have actually won something!! I have to admit I…

Faux fur darling

Faux fur and anything fluffy has become a hot trend this winter. Add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe with a quick fix accessory or make…


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